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Tailored Job Alert

Our client’s network is based in the Netherlands; from technical startups, multinationals till consultancy firms. 

Simply apply to one of the published projects or register for free and follow the steps to request access and let us know what kind of projects have your interest. Based on this information we will make sure to only share with you temporary projects that match your personal needs.

Important note: We will only send you job opportunities if you want us to. If no longer necessary you can simply choose to opt-out and no longer receive temporary projects until it becomes relevant again.

Knowledge sharing

A community without knowledge sharing doesn’t mean sh*t. As a member you will be able to attend recurring House of Java Meetups, participate in sustainable challenges, get free access to our library of gathered e-books and helpful tutorials and ask questions through our Slack community.


House of Java being the largest network within this specific domain makes us a very valuable player for many businesses. You can expect discounts for fairs, new published self development books, certificates, etc. 

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We will only send you job openings if you want us to.


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